My Work

The following projects are those I led or contributed a great deal of work. As for anything else worth mentioning it can be found at the bottom of this page.
Here's my resume.

Scattered on Galactic Winds

• Status: Pre-Alpha

• Role: Programmer, Designer

• Collaborators: none

• Links: GameJolt,

Scattered on Galactic Winds is an action-platformer about an intergalactic mercenary hunting space pirates.


• Status: Finished

• Role: Programmer

• Collaborators: None

• Links: Webpage

Hexadots is a simple game of matching colored nodes in a hexagonal grid; get as many as you can in one minute.

Tech Giant

• Status: Beta

• Role: Programmer

• Collaborators: 1 other

• Links: Webpage

Tech Giant is a business based idle game, putting the players in the position of a tech start-up with $200 in the bank to leverage sales and marketing to become a successfull billion dollar company.


• Status: Published

• Role: Project Lead, Designer, Programmer

• Collaborators: 6 others

• Links: page, GameJolt page

Katabasis is a puzzle adventure game with a whimsically dark style taking the players through the five stages of grief.


• Status: unfinished

• Role: programmer

• Collaborators: 10+ others

• Links: play the game

WaterWorks is simulation game putting players in control of water infrastructure to supply a growing community. Players should walk away with better understanding of modern water purification and distribution.

Zero Wing

• Status: Released

• Role: Programmer, Designer

• Collaborators: one other

• Links: Google Play, Android download, browser play

Zero Wing is an infinitely horizontally scrolling shooter which pits you against waves of enemies with dynamic difficulty.


• Status: Released

• Role: Programmer, Designer

• Collaborators: none

• Links:browser play

Schmup is an infinitely scrolling vertical shooter centered around the intrepid protagonist running into an endless army of Schmups. I made this from some Unity pre-packaged art and sfx.


• Status: Released

• Role: Programmer

• Collaborators: none

• Links: Android download, browser play, Endless Blitz

MarioBird is my take on FlappyBird but with Super Mario World sprites and sfx. This became Flippy Football in Endless Blitz.

    Plow Digital / Plow Games

  • Drinks Destroy Teeth - Animations
  • Endless Blitz - Gameplay
  • Build-a-Bear Merry Workshop - Level design, Data Entry
  • Several Brady-Games Game Guide Mobile Applications - QA


  • Marvel Contest of Champions - QA
  • Marvel Future Fight - QA
  • Marvel vs. Capcom Infinite - Playtesting
  • Spider-man - QA
  • Avengers Academy - QA
  • Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1 + 2 - QA
  • Marvel Puzzle Quest - QA
  • Marvel Heroes 2016 - QA
  • Marvel Tsum Tsum - QA
  • Marvel Avengers Alliance 1 + 2 - QA